About Us

The Gelato Heaven Story

Gelato Heaven is a family owned business since 2010, run by Sulina & Rishi. Sulina has a law degree and has completed her Legal Practice. She worked as a senior legal editor of a prestigious legal encyclopedia for almost a decade during which, she decided to focus her creative talents in gelato making, initially for weddings and events. After being highly recognised and complimented for the high quality luxurious gelato and being approached by various individuals to provide the gelato on a wholesale basis, she decided to set-up a manufacturing plant and supply the wholesale market, in particular restaurants and dessert parlours, as well as creating personalised tubs for weddings and corporate events.

Sulina comes from a family line of chefs and has excellent technical and creative knowledge and abilities in gelato making as well as other pastry products. Sulina has been trained by Italian chefs and continuously attends courses covering the more technical aspects of ingredients that makes a perfect gelato. She is very much a ‘foodie’ and has a unique pallet. She is a lover of desserts and is oftern.

Rishi, previously a recruitment consultant, is the spouse of Sulina and has supported her from the setting up of Gelato Heaven and throughout its growth and expansion.